In The Glow: Actress Mia Frampton

PHOTO: Violeta Meyners Photography

PHOTO: Violeta Meyners Photography

1. When did you start your business / brand / career and tell us the story behind it?

Well, it’s been a long and winding road with several potholes but over the past ten years in the business I wouldn’t have had it any other way! My first inspiration was watching my Dad perform on stage and seeing how truly happy it made him. I yearned to find my own purpose in life that could make me so happy. I started in local theater back in Cincinnati, Ohio until that could no longer satiate my appetite and I moved to Los Angeles with my mom (Quick shoutout to her because she is a REAL boss lady). I was lucky enough to book a good amount of jobs while still being able to graduate from high school as well as college. I also took a course at Second City where I became obsessed with Improv, something I’ve been able to use in almost all of my roles. But I would attribute the person I am today as well as create my career path to the four years I spent at Chapman University where I earned a B.A. in Film Studies.This is where I found my passion for writing, directing, as well as producing. Hollywood is entering such an amazing time for women. I’m just excited to get the chance to work alongside other powerhouse women in the business that are finally getting the opportunities and recognition they deserve! In terms of my brand, that is constantly changing but I would really like to come from a place of honesty as my generation is heavily influenced by social media that really is a smoke screen and is not indicative of what real life looks like. People tend to take themselves too seriously and life is way too short for that. 

PHOTO | MAKEUP: Violeta Meyners Photography

PHOTO | MAKEUP: Violeta Meyners Photography

2. Who or what inspires you to chase your dreams?

Definitely my parents, but also people that I look up too in the business or people that I am even competing with for the same job. Those girls bring to life my perfectionist personality and push me to try and be the best actress I can be. I really look up to women like Reese Witherspoon, who is able to find and produce film and television that she believes in. She is an awe-inspiring business woman and I dream to have a production company of the same caliber. I can’t wait to show other five foot small sarcastic girls, like myself, that it is possible to get anything you want in this life. 3. What is your dream-level goal for your business? 

3. What is your dream-level goal?

As I said above, I would LOVE to own my own production company. I would also love to direct films as well. I did a summer internship at Blumhouse Productions, and it enabled me to see all areas behind the scenes. I would love to be able to find a script, cast the project, write it, direct it, and possibly star in it because I’m narcissistic. I also am a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock so directing a thriller would be a dream come true. 

PHOTO | MAKEUP: Violeta Meyners Photography

PHOTO | MAKEUP: Violeta Meyners Photography

4. Talk us through what your typical day looks like. 

While I’m filming in Santa Maria right now my normal routine is a little off balance. But normally…. I have a very unhealthy relationship with Starbucks’ breakfast sandwiches. So I usually start my day with a Bacon Gouda sandwich and a Venti ice green tea with one pump of sweetener and light water. I also don’t use straws anymore (thanks mom) because Americans use 500 million straws EVERY DAY!!! Is that not insane? So my mom bought me a metal straw that I carry around in my purse. It’s really a great green alternative. After, I go to the gym because I am obsessed with working out. It really helps my anxiety and sets me on a healthier path for the rest of my day. I don’t know why but when I work out I feel more inclined to eat healthy. Which is hard for me because diet and salad are two words rarely used in my vocabulary. After, if I don’t have any meetings, I usually hang out with friends. Normally, I’m conspiring with my friend Lizzy Small who is also an actress and singer and is the coolest girl and best friend a girl could ask for. We’re working on a blog right now that follows two actresses living in Los Angeles as we navigate the green juice obsessions, fake friends, weird trends, all while trying to make it in such a cutthroat business. We are also constantly coming up with ideas for television series. Stay tuned. Shameless plug. After, I can’t cook so I’m probably picking up food. In my dream life I would have the funds to eat sushi every day for dinner. Finally, I’m back in my bed indulging on my next series. Right now I’m on Liza on Demand with Liza Koshy. She is one of my inspirations. She got famous on Vine, and now has 15 million subscribers on youtube, and her own youtube original series!! SO COOl. Then I’m asleep by midnight if insomnia and memes don’t keep me up till 2 am. 

5. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out?

You can’t give up!! My manager, who I’ve had since I was 11 years old, has always told me that the only people that don’t make it are the ones that give up! In all honesty, this business is a lot of luck. But the one thing that is undeniable, is that you have to work hard. Because if you don’t, there is someone that looks just like you and will work harder than you for the same opportunity. Also, from personal experience, I would say it is really important to stay true to yourself. As well as keep friends around you that build you up and construct a space of positivity around you. I had a lot of friendships that turned out to be harmful for my well being and my future. At first, it was hard to let them go but it only welcomed in the friends I have now that are my family. Robin Williams, another one of my idols, said that “The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone.” Find the friends that even if they’re across the country, that just receiving a text from them will make you feel like the luckiest person in the world. 

6. What’s next for your business? 

I just had two films released through On Demand and iTunes this past month. One is The Row, and its a cool take on the sorority slasher film. I serve as the film’s comedic relief. My character is very inappropriate and nothing like me in real life (hi mom and dad). I was also in Hope Springs Eternal. I was lucky enough to play the film’s lead who had lived with terminal cancer for most of her life and finds out that she is now in remission. She must adjust with this life changing discovery while trying to navigate high school, mean girls, and a boyfriend. I’m really proud of both of these projects. I’m currently filming Coast in Santa Maria. It follows a group of girls as they try to find themselves while living in a small farm town. I am the bad influence to the lead character who brings her out of her shell through a punk music soundtrack. It’s such a thrill to be a part of a film that is so shaped by music. As well as authentically portrays complex female characters. 

7. Where can people find you ? (Include all social media links you want) 

First of all, thanks for interviewing me!! You are one of my major inspirations because you’re the definition of a girl boss. People can follow me on my Instagram @miaframpton! As well as my twitter, @MiaRFrampton. Trying to get back into tweeting but I’m too ADD to cultivate a good thought into so few characters. 

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